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Rydia by AyaneShinobi Rydia by AyaneShinobi
After many failures with trying to experiment with Photoshop (I wanted a gradient background), I just decided to put in a "Sea Foam Green" colour with barely there stars. I hope it doesn't look too tacky. I wanted a colour to compliment Rydia's green (but I wasn't going to put orange or red...eek! Even though they are complimentary colours, that would make the picture look really scary.)

So I hope everybody likes this.

I just didn't want to leave in a plain white background.

This is Rydia from Final Fantasy IV. This design is pretty much original by me, yet inspired by all the bajillion different designs/version of Rydia. (Don't you just "love" how video game character artwork is so inconsistent?) She also has big 80's-esque hair, so I had fun with that as well. And for once, my greens were being good (usually green watercolours are hard to work with. At least for me they are.)

Drawn with black India Ink & then coloured in with watercolours. :heart:

Rydia character design (c) Yoshitaka Amano
Final Fantasy IV (c) Squaresoft
Fan Art (c) J.E.McNeese. Please do not copy, put this on any other site, or steal this image. Do not try to use this design and then claim it as your own.
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April 29, 2008
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